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Wow, it’s been a while. I’m truly sorry for the delay. I’ve been in and out of the hospital twice since my last post. The first hospitalization came with some drama. I went in for a migraine and was treated with DHE when all of the sudden my hands and feet went completely numb and turned purple, my blood sugar dropped in the 30s, and my blood pressure dropped fairly low as well. It turns out I have Takayasu’s Arteritis, a rare auto-immune disorder that inflames the blood vessels. The DHE aggravated it. So now I can no longer have any more DHE or triptans for the rest of my life to treat my migraines. I have a Rheumatologist and a Vascular Specialist that I have to see on a regular basis and I’m on a pretty hefty dose of steroids along with Methotrexate, which is a chemo drug actually, to treat the inflammation. I was in the hospital for 10 days that stay.

I was just recently back in the hospital for another migraine, only this time, no real surprises other than a couple of seizures that may have been “dreams” according to the doctor. I can’t disagree, I was nervous about a CT angiogram I was having the next day, so I was pretty worked up the night before. If you don’t know what a CT angiogram is, Johns Hopkins has a pretty good video of one on the web. They’re scary. I still have a “plug” in my femoral artery and am on a lifting restriction for 30 days. As for this discharge, I’m waiting to find out if I can get approved for a new migraine drug called Ubrelvy. It’s supposed to work wonders, but of course requires a prior authorization. I’m not holding my breath.

But enough about health issues and boring stuff. Some of you have got to be wondering where in the heck this novel is already, right? Well, I did pay to have it edited professionally, which cost more than I should have paid. But the cost of actually publishing is now more than I can afford at the moment *sad face*. But all is not lost. I’ve decided I’m going to publish it on Wattpad for free. So you all can still read it. The chapters should automatically post here on my website as well as on my new Facebook author site (@marenalayne) and Twitter (@marenalayne). I figured this would be a good way to get my name and work out there for people to read and get some quality feedback while I’m working on my next novel, which right now is still in the outline phase. This is my goal for tomorrow – to set up my novel in Wattpad. I hope you’ll enjoy the free read and please give me some constructive criticism so I can learn to do better the next time around!

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