Camper Life Day (I’ve Lost Track)

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Camper life is starting to get it to me a bit. It’s cramped and crowded, and the air conditioning doesn’t reach my bedroom in the middle of a really hot day. It’s incredibly difficult for me to write in a camper. I can’t explain why. I guess I just don’t like others watching me. I find it hard to put the words together in a legible fashion like I’m used to. I guess I just have to grin and bite the bullet and make myself write no matter who’s around.

In new news, I have several doctor’s appointment’s coming up: Colo-rectal (fun fun), a neck x-ray, Pulmonology, Holistic health, and a second opinion from neurology. This is all in addition to counseling and CNS appointments also. It’s going to be a busy summer. I was also in the ER last Thursday for an awful migraine. Thank goodness they helped me.

Therefore, I’m sorry for the delay on my book. I am still working on it. I did get it back from the line editor, but the format was all messed up, so I had to email the company to figure out how to fix that. Then I have to go through the entire manuscript again to make sure I like the changes that were made before sending it in for official publication. I know I’ve had time; I just think I haven’t had time. I need to work on that tonight when my room in the camper is a bit cooler. Prayers that it will be out sooner rather than later. I am really excited for everyone to read it.

The mold situation in my crawl space is coming along. Everything has to be in order by July 28, according to my insurance company, so we are scrambling a bit to get it all arranged. I can’t wait to move back into my own house and sleep in my own bed. I’m praying that it’s soon. Not that the camper is all that horrible. It’s actually fairly livable. It’s just not home.

I can’t thank my family members and friends enough who have helped with this whole situation. You all have been lifesavers. I don’t know what I would have done without you, especially on the days I have headaches and don’t feel like doing anything. I appreciate you so much.

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