Camping Life Day 9

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I don’t even know where to begin. Begin at the beginning, I guess. Well, a friend of mine has been worried about me because I’ve been so sick lately and she’s been asking her husband to come down here and look in my crawl space to see if there is any mold in there that could be making me sick. So, he came down last week Thursday and found what he thought was black mold. He took a sample to the fire department and they came down immediately. They took their own samples and determined it was black mold. They also took my vitals and said they were pretty poor. So, needless to say, they said to get out of the house immediately. So, I’m living in my camper now.

Camping life isn’t too bad, except the pump doesn’t work, so I had to hook up as city (my own hose) water, which was a huge pain in the rear end. I’ve only had to empty the tanks one time in a week, so that’s not so bad. There’s been a couple of pretty cold nights that I’ve refused to turn the heat on, but other than that, the weather has cooperated so far. Even the internet works clear out here. Who would have thought?

So, I’ve had to have some medical testing done as a result of being exposed to black mold for so long. One of which was a Pulmonary Function Test, which I apparently didn’t do so spectacularly on. Apparently, my CO2 levels are off. So, now I have to go see a Pulmonologist. Add one more thing to the appointment book. I’m also now taking an inhaler.

I guess this may explain why I’ve been so sick all of the time. There’s a list of 12 symptoms of black mold poisoning on the internet (I know, how reliable) and I have 11 of them, the 12th is shortness of breath, which I don’t technically have, but I’m going to see a Pulmonologist so…

I’m praying more than anything that my house can be fixed. The other day, a guy from Serve Pro was out and said that he thought it could. He did take some samples to be sent off to a lab though. I’m keeping my fingers crossed and saying my prayers. I just want my house to be ok. You work hard and spend 10 years paying a mortgage, you don’t want to just walk away and tear that down. I would be devastated. Beyond devastated. I could lose my Jeep and heck, even his camper, but definitely don’t want to lose my house.

It’s going to take a lot of straw bales to live in this camper year round.


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