Party All Night, Sleep All Day

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So, this is obviously a very late-night blog post, or early morning, whichever you want to call it. Probably by the time I get done typing this, it will be morning. You see, I’ve been up all night long, because I have my days and nights mixed up again. I got to make a trip to the ER last night (2 nights ago?) for a horrible migraine that just wouldn’t go away no matter what medicines I tried at home. It doesn’t help that my main medicine is on backorder and I can’t get it refilled until who knows when. None of my other medicines even touched this one. Plus, I was having symptoms unlike my typical migraines and losing my balance – scary stuff. I’ve tried to avoid the ER lately, for obvious reasons, but was ready to call the rescue squad last night the pain was so bad.

So, what’s it like being in the ER these days during COVID-19? Um – Scary. Lonely. Weird. Creepy. And I didn’t even go to Toledo, I just went to little old FCHC. They wore masks, I wore a mask. I couldn’t have anyone come in with me. The door had to be shut at all times. Since I had a migraine, they shut the lights off for me, which was wonderful, but it was pitch black when no staff member was in the room. Then I just laid there and wondered, “how many COVID patients have laid on this bed?” I mean, I know they clean it thoroughly, but you can’t help but wonder. I really had to weigh my risk vs. benefits of last night’s ER visit prior to going in, that’s for sure. Anyways, sage advice: stay out of the ER unless it’s a true emergency (see below) and stick to your rural ERs at that.

Thankfully, I lucked out and had a good doctor and a good nurse who took very good care of me. My nurse got my IV in on the first try (this is a miracle to those who know me) and the doctor ordered meds and a CT to make sure I didn’t have a brain bleed since I’m on Xeralto for a blood clot in my arm (the CT was negative by the way). He said I did the right thing by coming in as atypical migraine with loss of balance episodes are always a huge risk factor for a brain bleed when people are on blood thinners. But they both went out of their way to make sure I was feeling better before sending me home. I feel pretty blessed that we have our little hospital here in our county.

Today I slept all day and afternoon, thus, I’ve been up all night. This probably should have been an Ambien night, but it’s a little late now. It’s almost dawn. My poetry is going quite well. I have several poems written, because I have nothing else to do this late at night. I’ve posted a few on Twitter. The rest I’ll save for a book of poems someday. I’m still waiting for my novel to come back from the line editor so I can make corrections before sending it off to the publisher. I’m super excited.

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Sadly, I’m still having trouble writing any sort of fiction, short stories, etc. since writing my novel. It really frustrates me. I don’t know if I should just write something bad for the heck of it and then revise it? There are so many contests I want to enter and I’ve got nothing. No ideas, no ambition, nothing. I do have another idea for a novel, but I’m not willing to start that until my current one is in print and selling. Until then, I guess I’ll just have to keep at the poetry.

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