Five Days

Well, so far, I’m still raising my eyebrows and shrugging my shoulders. I don’t know how much longer I’ll be able to do so, however. Yours truly got her second round of Botox yesterday, and before you ask, of course not for cosmetic purposes, although I am getting to that age where I’m not going to complain if it helps a little bit in that line. But in all seriousness, I receive Botox to help with my migraines. My doctor gives me injections in between my eyebrows, all along my hairline, and all around my shoulder blades. It’s really not so bad except the injections in between my eyebrows – those are killer. My cousin gets Botox also for the same reason and she can’t raise her eyebrows anymore, so I figure it’s only just a matter of time before I can’t look surprised anymore. At least we can NOT be surprised together.

I was up at 4AM this morning (haha not that I had anywhere I needed to be, my sleep schedule is just that messed up), so I brought my novel up to 40,007 words. I still don’t have a title for the thing just yet and I still don’t want to give away too much of the storyline, so I don’t know why I even started talking about the darn book other than to brag and say that in five more, count them FIVE more, days I should be up to 50,000 words which is my novel length goal and then I can say that I’ve officially “written a novel.” This also means I will go from being called a “writer” to being called an “author.” I’m putting this out there so you all can hold me accountable – five days.

And, guess what’s happening in seven days, even though it snowed today? That’s right, you guessed it – my pool is opening! Well, the pool company is coming to take the cover off, change the sand in the filter, rinse out the anti-freeze, and turn on the pool heater. I’ll be the lucky one who gets to sweep out all the gunk from the bottom and walls of the pool, which will take days, then take my water sample in to get the right chemical mix to put in to officially “open the pool,” as in the water is clear. From this point on, I hear the meteorologists are forecasting 80 degrees and sun.

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