Starting Out

All I can ask is that you all please bear with me as I am new to the scene of freelance writing. It’s an exciting, and a bit nerve-wracking, journey. This is my life’s dream and I am determined to make a go of it.

Who am I?

Oh, just a country bumpkin out of northwest Ohio. I’ve been a writer throughout my entire life, although am just now beginning to make a career out of it. I have a unique angle to bring to the table, as I present content from a rural perspective.

What are my talents?

I am quick learner when it comes to content writing, copywriting, SEO content, blogging, etc. My goodness, I taught myself the WordPress platform in less than one hour – not too shabby for a country girl.  I will write to my (your) heart’s content on any subject of any nature to ensure that the reader is engaged. Aren’t you engaged in this blog post?

When am I available?

I currently work a full-time job in addition to my freelance writing career. Until I am established as a full-time freelance writer, I will only be available on a part-time basis. However, the quality of my work will never been compromised.

Why did I choose this path?

I have a love of writing that surpasses my love of any other career choice. I love to inform, entertain, and engage. I am thrilled that I have this opportunity to share my words with you.


Sweat, tears, and perseverance, my friend. That’s how I plan to accomplish my goals.

I look forward to hearing from you anytime at:

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