Profession Versus Fear. Profession > Fear.

Ready, Set, Go! Oh wait…


On this day, I took myself outside of my comfort zone. Today, I finally placed two bids on freelance writing jobs. *Gulp* It’s happening. I have never taken this kind of leap into my freelance writing career. I have always dreamed of it, but now is the time. I’m nervous, excited, and downright determined all at the same time. I want to be my own boss. I want to pursue my writing career. I know I have a good work ethic and I know I have the grit. The grind – I just want to live for it.


However, at this particular point in time, I’m financially in a place where I need to work full time to support my desire. That makes things a bit tricky. I can either work my full-time job and enjoy my free time, despite the fact that I am unhappy in my full-time job. Or, I can bust my @$$ outside of work hours (a Saturday such as this) to promote myself and my writing, pursue freelance writing jobs, and research ways to better myself in the craft.


As always, I’m going to choose the bust my @$$ route. Nothing comes easy. It takes hard work, determination, sometimes defeat, and literally picking yourself up by the bootstraps to accomplish your ultimate goals.


That being said, I will keep bidding on jobs and submitting pitches until I’m blue in the face. I honestly do not care how many rejections I receive. It will be that one offer letter that will brighten my light and let me shine for who I truly am. A writer. One with a gift of words, meant to entertain.

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